High Technology

Leaders in high technology industry choose MobiLyte for our customized, innovative and efficient solutions

The rapid pace of technological evolution has taken high-tech industries by storm, with consumers asking for more, the best and in strict deadlines. Grappling with intense competition and continuous product innovation, these industries look for swift responses while maintaining budget and improving efficiencies.

At MobiLyte, we offer customized engagement models to cater unique needs of our customers. We create high-tech operations even more efficiently by transforming and running their processes through advanced operating models.

Segments We Serve

  • Online Companies
  • Software Vendors
  • High-tech Manufacturers

Online Companies

Software Vendors

High-tech Manufacturers

Implemented live event recording and video chatting functions on a social network web portal

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MobiLyte built up online marketplace applications two weeks ahead schedule

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MobiLyte helped build one of the first polling applications used for polling in users’ friend groups to get instant feedbacks

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